Why Many Are Not Filing Vaginal Mesh Class Action Lawsuits

If you are experiencing harmful side effects from a vaginal mesh implant, joining a vaginal mesh class action suit isn’t likely to help you to recover adequate compensation for your injuries. The claimants in class actions often wind up recovering very little, while the lawyers representing them get paid huge fees. The claimants in individual lawsuits, however, often recover fair amounts for their losses.

Class action isn’t always in victims’ best interest. Joining a class might mean giving up potential individual compensation for one’s harms. While a class action can be an efficient mechanism for disposing of a large number of similar complaints in financial cases (like stock fraud and phone bill overcharges), a class action in a defective consumer product context can result in inadequate relief for those actually harmed by the product.

Class actions are typically most effective at getting a defendant that has wronged a large number of people in a minor way to change its practices moving forward… but not necessarily at getting individual victims compensation for their own actual injuries.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A “class action” (sometimes called a “class action lawsuit”) is a court case in which a large number of people join together to sue another person or company, or in which a large group of people or companies is being sued. In personal injury law, class actions are frequently used to seek compensation for groups of people who have all suffered the same kind of injury caused by the same defendant.

For instance, people who have been injured or made sick by a particular drug may band together in a class action to sue the drug’s manufacturer. In this case, a class action may be used because otherwise the drug’s manufacturer will have to defend each separate lawsuit brought by each individual member of the class.

Since these separate lawsuits all cover the same type of injury to each claimant, each case will be basically the same. It therefore often saves the time, money, and effort of everyone involved to address these cases together in a class action.

Lawyers Will Make Things Easier

We recommends that anyone considering legal action consult with an independent lawyer (one who is not planning a class action) about the advantages of bringing an individual action over joining a class action. If you or someone you love has suffered from side effects related to the transvaginal placement of surgical mesh, submit this simple secure form. We will make the process of helping you to recover for your injuries as simple for you as possible, and—if we determine you have a case—we will file an individual vaginal mesh lawsuit on your behalf, not a vaginal mesh class action lawsuit. And remember: You only have to pay for our’s services if you win.