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All About Vaginal Mesh

What Is Vaginal Mesh?
Vaginal mesh is a material implanted by a doctor into a woman to keep her pelvic organs in place and to help treat urinary problems.
Vaginal Mesh Class Action Lawsuit
If you’re experiencing harmful side effects from a vaginal mesh implant, joining a class action suit isn’t likely to help you to recover much compensation for your injuries. Claimants in class actions often recover little, while the lawyers representing them get paid a lot.
Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit MDL
Multidistrict litigation is a procedure used within the federal court system used to transfer all pending civil cases of a similar type filed throughout the United States to a single federal judge in order to conduct all of the pretrial proceedings.

Problems & Lawsuit

According to the Food and Drug Administration, in recent years, the most consistently reported complication to arise in connection with the use of surgical mesh to treat proplapse has been erosion: the mesh wears through the vaginal mucosa and exposes its rough and uncomfortable surface to the patient and her partner. Patients also report instances of mesh contraction (shrinkage). These complications are causing women to bleed, swell up, develop infections, and experience debilitating pain.
Women who have suffered devastating side effects as a result of vaginal mesh products—including the Protegen Sling, which has been recalled, and ObTape, which has been discontinued—are contacting vaginal mesh lawyers willing to file vaginal mesh lawsuits on their behalf.